Poems of Siegfried Sassoon

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With the poems of Siegfried Sassoon we are moving from the conventional way of writing in the approach of the issue of war, in what sense??? First of all his approach is an anti- war approach , he is not encouraging young people to join the war , he speaking of war as being a cause of death. Because he is less conventional; he is less traditional , he is writing poems labeled until now as anti war poems , we find the division of his sentences, rhyme in words, the division of the poem into 2 stanzas, conversational style, we can say that he is turning to heritage that is used by the modernists . If we are to examine this poem with other poems from the modern literature , we will find that it does complete some of the demands of modern poetry , he is different from Rupert Brooke, he was conventional dismissing the modern approach he was delaying the modern trends, but as for Sassoon because he is writing in a subject matter different complete from him he was able to turn to the new trend.

Who is Siegfried Sassoon???
He is a young man from a wealthy family he is a soldier he was interesting in hunting, he had been face to face with war different from Brooke he had more than one injury, he was closer to the real experience , was an English poet, and an author. Decorated for bravery on the Western Front, he became one of the leading poets of the First World War. His poetry both described the horrors of the trenches, because he lived the moment of war he was in the battle field unlike Brooke . If you remember the last poem The Soldier, what was the evil he was talking about ??? he was talking about war as a means to destroy evil from their lives but here season talks about war as being evil itself, he has the right to be anti war poet because he is one of the victims of war as for brook he speaks of war as a means to get rid of evil and to posses more land, to enjoy a life of settlement and enjoy the sky of England, he was speaking in a romantic way about war. As for Sassoon he is describing war as being evil he is exposing war to the reader as being the ugly face, he lost lots of friends in war , because of these anti war poets were criticizing the religious system, the practices of the church , and we find this in the poem They, he was ready to he was ready to break any relation with things that he believes were demolishing or collapsing the deterioration of his own society. "THEY"

The Bishop tells us: "When the boys come back
They will not be the same; for they'll have fought
In a just cause: they lead the last attack
On Anti-Christ; their comrade's blood has bought
New right to breed an honourable race.
They have challenged Death and dared him face to face."

"We're none of us the same!" the boys reply.
"For George lost both his legs; and Bill's stone blind;
Poor Jim's shot through the lungs and like to die;
And Bert's gone syphilitic: you'll not find
A chap who's served that hasn't found _some_ change."
And the Bishop said; "The ways of God are strange!"

Who are "THEY"??? may be the soldiers and may be the bishop , why not the bishop, both soldiers and bishop can be called they but what does they indicates??? It ideates the negligence of the identity, this is the main point that draws our attention when we read the title they . In the 1st stanza we are invited to believe that they are the bishop, and when we turn to the 2nd stanza there are people with certain names and identities, emotions attached to them , actions being practiced by or against them, so they are not they anymore , though the word they is the 1st word used by the bishop in the 1st stanza . The bishop is speaking about the whole soldiers of feeling the same and suffering the same and what is worse that he is referring to them with detachment , he is creating a distance between him and this young group of soldiers . This is the daily preaching of the bishop, in what sense they will be change according to the bishop, what...
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