Topics: Sun, English-language films, Narrative poetry Pages: 3 (442 words) Published: March 31, 2014
The shinning hot sun
Was right on us all day long
We had sunburn skin

Fish in a big bowl
Swimming around and around
Do not jump out please

It is time for sun
Swimming in the pool is fun
Splash in the water

Splish, splash rain is here
Something to bring life to all
It is needed soon.

There was a boy named Mike,
Who loved to go on long hikes.
He could jog along,
Singing a jolly song,
With his big dog named Ike.

There once was a boy named Jake,
he thought he looked like a snake.
He hissed at his friends,
till they all made amends.
That was all about Jake the snake.

There was ab old man named Mark
Who looked like an old fart.
He had white hair,
He looked like a bear,
And he snored like crazy in the dark.

There once was a man named Bill
Who went to the mill to see Will
They went to the lake
After they ate a pancake
Jill, Bill and Will left Phil at the mill

Narrative Poem #1
A girl in the woods was very hungry
She went to the store but her coupons were expired
She went down the produce aisle
To get something healthy
She could get what she wanted
Because she was so wealthy

Before she purchased her items
She went to the side of the street
To get the New York times
With a couple of left over dimes
Now she had no more expired coupons
She went back to the store to buy her fruit
That’s the end of my poem wasn’t that a hoot.

Narrative Poem #2
Going to the beach

Warm sand and sun
We are going to have so much fun

The waves coming on the shore
I want bigger and more

The heat of the sun
I want this day to never be done

I ride the waves all day
And laugh and play

I see my friends smile
And I want to stay for awhile

I am so sad we have to go
I tell my Mom NO!

Stepping up to the plate
I can visualize my fate

Seeing all the open grass
Knowing I...
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