Poem: I Am From

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I’m from Saint Andrews Drive in Tennessee.
Brown patches of grass: dandelions: red shutters.
I’m from rocky playgrounds and SpongeBob ice cream in the neighborhood parks. From scraped knees and brain freezes from eating ice cream too quickly. I’m from singing on a pretend cardboard stage until the stars faded from the sky in my backyard- It was never easy being a backyard pop star.

I’m from the pews of an old white church that taught me to love God. In the middle of nowhere county, where I jumped with excitement to sing with the children’s choir. FOOD LIKES AND DISLIKES
I’m from “Let’s eat!” and “Man I sure am stuffed” Cheesy chicken spaghetti and rich death by chocolate.
Burned bacon and slimy squash given to the dog to avoid eating. I’m from pineapple cheese pizza with caramelized pineapples atop And creamy chicken Alfredo with delicious golden strands of pasta. I’m from nana’s homemade brownies and double chocolate chip cookies Stirred slowly and mixed with a “secret” recipe and baked with dark chocolate shavings For special occasions such as 4th of July parties and birthdays. FAMILY/MUSIC

I’m from a song shared with Shelby.
Air Guitar is our main profession.
Driving in circles with the windows down just to find the perfect song to live to Until we were pulled over for screaming the lyrics to We Can’t Stop. I’m from Mac Miller blaring through my headphones and car speakers. I’m from Linkin Park.

The Lumineers
A Day to Remember
And always: Maroon 5.
Until I grew older and closer to God, and discovered TobyMac. PETS LOVED AND LOST
I’m from a brown playful puggle we named Slade;
Being lazy and sleeping on any soft surface in 2003.
I’m from Alice, the playful powerful puppy.
And Daisy our loveable Boston terrier
Who chewed up all my socks with her sharp puppy teeth.
And unfortunately had to be put down when my step brother was born. TWO SPECIAL PEOPLE SECTION
I’m from drinking hazelnut coffee beside Shelby on my front porch. Or...
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