Poem on Marijuana

Topics: 2005 singles, Arse, Smoking Pages: 1 (422 words) Published: July 10, 2002
Oh thee, My Maurijauna..
Everyday we see each other,
and everyday we play.
We play, and play, and play
all day long,
and my times into the wee(d) hours of the night,
and everyday, all day we eat and eat;
and sleep and sleep.
YOu make me happy, you make my sad,
you make me irritable, and sometimes
We have the best of times, we have the very best of times,
for everything is better, trust me if you will, when you SMOKE WEED. -Jordan
i like to smoke weed, it is good.. smoking weed is the cool thing to do. I do it to look cool, i do it to get laid , i do it to get high, i do it to eat more, i do it to sleep, i do it to wake up, i do it when i have sex (for i can last longer). Oh weed, my maurijuana, what would i do without you? I only shudder. Good weed, bad weed, makes not me bother, although the good weed is great, the bad weed you can roll sweets (blunts). BLunts really mess you up, you and your friends. I even like the seeds, i eat them when watching movies, i put them up my butt when i sleep. I wish i could grow a weed plant out of my ass.. for that would be tight. then i would pick weed out of my ass and roll it up and smoke it. or if it was the dank, i would put it in a little one hitter and get fizzzied up all the G-d damn dizzzzay. And then all would be my friend, i would be the dude with the weed coming out of his ass, and everyone from far and wide would come and see me and try to smoke my butt-weed. But i would charge them a great price, since when was the last time you smoked bud outof someones ass?? If there were dingleberries on it, i would charge more. I would be so rich, then i would go on the internet and buy a wife from Somalia. She would come and love me.. but i hope for me and not my ass-weed. But, dont get me wrong, we would smoke weed o' butt and get really high. then would would hit up some all you can eat place and get really full and then have to smoke more dingleberry-weed to feel better. what a life i...
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