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They treated her like an animal,
And thought her spirit was breakable.
They thought they could wear her spirits down,
But she made sure she did everything to not give them that satisfactory. Even when she felt like giving up
She made sure she stood tall,
Regained her composure
And carried on.

Three Cups of Tea
Written by: Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin


Greg Mortenson –
_ – Village leader of Korphe and Mortenson’s mentor _ – A successful scientist and mountain climber, who supports Mortenson’s project. He also provides an endowment of $1 million dollars to fund the CAI (Central Asia Institute). Tara Bishop –

_ – Mountain climber who provides crucial support
_ – Encourages Mortenson to build the bridge and school in Korphe Point of View:


Why the Earth has Seasons.
Our earth experiences many different seasons such as summer, winter, spring and fall. We experience these seasons, because our earth is on an axis which is at a tilt. The reasons why parts of the earth are in different seasons at different times is becauseLoss of Innocence and the Concept of Evil in Lord of the Flies In the realistic novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding the boys find themselves in circumstances many people could not survive. While the boys are left to determine leadership, civilization, and organization Golding expresses ideas such as loss of innocence and the concept of evil. Golding writes about the characters turning on each other and eventually finding what they feared in the beginning was a monster but evolves into a fear of themselves and the evil they all possess. In the beginning of the novel the reader automatically sees the loss of innocent when the boys find themselves stranded on an island without adults and supervision. They soon realize without leadership and organization they would not survive. Ralph and Jack work together...
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