Topics: Female, Sex, Male Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: March 17, 2014

Analyzing Closer by Halle Berry
Halle Berry’s advertisement for her new perfume “Closer” promises you that if you wear this scent it will trigger emotion and desire in males. Ad’s like Halle Berry use the very vivid human imagination to imagine themselves in her position so you desire to wear the same perfume in hopes it will have the same effect on you. Her advertisement is Halle Berry front and center wearing a man’s shirt revealing her bra. In the back of the image a man has his arms wrapped tightly around her. The ad is implying that because you are wearing the perfume you will get lucky and attract other people. Halle is wearing a mans shirt and tie to imply they just had sex and make you think if you also wear this scent, you too will be having sex. The audience is directed towards females because it’s a women’s fragrance and also appeared in my cosmopolitan magazine. Females seem to be an easy target to advertise towards because they are more into feminine products such as makeup, fragrance, exc. Halle Berry’s advertisement shows a strong appeal for sex and attention from the male counterpart as shown in the article “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals,” is a very heavily marketing strategy to appeal to women so they desire the product being marketed towards them. These appeals are very clearly displayed in the way that her open shirt and man grasping behind her triggers the need and thought for sex. In a less controversial way it “appeals to our need for affectionate human contact.” (Fowles) Even more so than the appeal for sex this ad bases its appeal off the need for attention and wanting to be looked at and it even says it right below the name of the perfume “The new scent of attraction for her.” Implying that wearing this will attract you lots of wanted male attention. A smart move is to base Ads off of the need for attention because most women in today’s society crave attention, so seeing an ad that promises that will sell more or your...
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