Poe-Ping Pong Ball

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Ping Pong Ball Launcher

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Today we finished the first six steps to our ping pong ball launcher. Hopefully by tomorrows end we will be able to select which design we are doing and start working on it. Step 1: We have to build a mechanism able to launch a ping pong ball at least 5 yards. It also has to be able to shoot at angles 0-90 degrees. Step 2: We could use rubber bands to build a slingshot. We could use wood to build the structure of our launcher. We could use a catapult design using wood and rubber bands. Step 3: This design uses the same design as a standard Nerf gun with the turning wheels with a space just a little bit smaller than the ball creating more force.

Step 4: The launcher has to be able to launch the ping-pong ball at least 5 yards. It has to be adjustable to every angle in intervals of ten from 0-90. We can use any materials that we are able to find. We can use any tools in the machine shop. It has to fit on a 1½ foot by 1½ foot platform.

Step 5:
| Length of projection| simplicity| Aim ability| Time | total| Nick| 5| 4| 3| 5| 17|
Jordan| 2| 3| 4| 3| 12|
Matt| 2| 3| 5| 3| 13|
Cheng| 5| 4| 3| 2| 14|

Today we started our ping pong ball launcher. We decided to go with Nicks design. It includes the tubing that Jordan brought, the spring that I brought, and also the 1” by 4” pieces of wood. We are building a mechanism that resembles a cannon. The spring will go inside the tube which will be fastened on the pieces o wood. The next time we are in the workshop we should be at least close to done. Client: Oak creek high school

Designers: Nick Gottfried, Cheng Leng, Jordan Frentz, Matt Goebel Design statement: We have to make a ping pong launcher that can shoot a ball at least 15 feet. We can use any materials we can get our hands on. Design statement: We are using a tube made of cardboard to hold the ball and act as a barrel. We will then hot glue a piece of wood...
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