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Topics: Food, Business, Industry, Entrepreneurship, Factors of production, Business school / Pages: 10 (2356 words) / Published: Mar 22nd, 2012
Principles of Business School Based

“Eastern Restaurant and Bar”
“Great Satisfaction”

Name: Jayvaughn Riley
Candidate Registration #: 100069________
Center Number: 10069
Subject: Principles of Business
Teacher: Ms. Higgins
School: Marcus Garvey Technical High School
Territory: Jamaica
Date of Submission: _____

Table Content

Title Page Introduction 1
Acknowledgement 2
Description of the Business 3
Justification of Location 4
Selection of Appropriate Labour 5
Source of Fixed and Working Capital 6
Role of Entrepreneur 7
Types of Production 8
Levels of Production 9
Quality Control Measures 10
Use of Technology 11
Linkages 12
Potential for growth 13
Government Regulations 14
Ethical Issues 15
Appendices 16-19
Bibliography 20


This SBA is one entailing details on the Eastern Restaurant and Bar which is a sole trader business. The Eastern Restaurant and Bar aims to provide nutritious meals to customers at a

Bibliography: Robinson, Karlene and Sybile Hamilton. Principles of Business with SBA study guide and exercise; Carlong Publishers, 2001. http://www.methodist.org.uk/ei. Ethical Issues Relating to Food Industry. 2010.

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