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My business is about partnership.
The name of the business is Glen & Wyatt’s fast food restaurant. We are co-partners; the two of us will hire a number of persons to play a particular role in the job. I need waiters/waitress, cashiers, chefs, dishwashers and janitors. The waiters/waitresses will take customers’ orders, serve food and beverages, prepare itemized checks and sometimes to accept payment. The cashiers are in charge of the registers. This would include cash and credit card transactions. The chefs are responsible for all that goes on in the kitchen. He/she should be responsible for hiring and training other cooks. Some of the meals that they may cook are chicken, fish, oxtail, cow foot and so much more. The dishwashers keep the kitchen staff supplies clean, for example: dishes, pots, plats and all the utensils. The janitors clean the tables and wipe the floor when it is needed.

My restaurant will be located at 15 King Street, Kingston 10, Telephone no: 457-9337 or email me at: Glen Wyatt’s fast food@yahoo.com. My restaurant will be in front of the carwash. People who are washing their motor vehicles can stop by and get something to drink and eat some food.

I will need to employ a full-time cook, a part-time cook to relieve the head cook when he goes on leave or needs extra help, three waitresses, a janitor, and a buyer and a part-time accounting clerk.

Sources of fixed and working capital
My sources of fixed and working capital are funding all my savings and a loan from the commercial bank. Some examples of fixed assets that will be bought are equipment, furniture’s, dishes, glassware, silverware and cookware’. Some examples of working capitals are the food inventory, supplies, and worker’s wages and salaries.

The entrepreneur seeks disequilibrium; this is a gap between the wants and the needs of customers...
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