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Topics: Revenue, Balance sheet, Gross profit margin Pages: 19 (3882 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Name: Manuel Pelligrini|
CSEC Registration Code:School: St. George’s CollegeCentre Code: 160063Subject: Principles of AccountsTerritory: TrinidadDate Submitted:Teacher: Mr. George| |

Table of Contents

1. Acknowledgement.
2. Aim of Project.
3. Description of the Entity.
4. Accounting records kept.
5. Comparison of Accounting Records kept with accounts studied in class 6. Performance of Business using Ratio Analysis - Interpretation of Accounts 7. Suggestions & Recommendations
8. Conclusion
9. Appendencies


The full completion of this Principles of Accounts S.B.A. 2012 project could not have been done properly without cooperation from a number of people. Firstly, I would like to thank my creator, God for sparing my life and guiding me through this project with ease. I would like to thank my parents for always being at my side and helping me whenever I was in need. Great appreciation is show to my schoolmates Nikolai De Bourg, Chalyce Charles, Stephon Cruickshank for making my school life quite interesting and fun while we all assisted eachother with our studies during all our years together. Without their help, the completion of this project would have been quite harder. Special thanks to my elder cousin Stefan gill as he found time in his busy schedule to assist me everyday in order to complete this project on time. Lastly, special thanks to both my P.O.A. teachers Mr. Larry Raymond and Mr. Khayal Mohammed who stuck behind me and gave me motivation to succeed as they made proper provision in giving all of the students help and tips on completing this project with a view to achieve full marks.

Aim of Project

This mission/aim of this project is to gain first-hand experience of a real business. Being both a business and accounting student, doing this practical is very important as I enhance my knowledge about accounting and learn how it is done as the main financial reporting system in the world of business. Without a doubt I believe that as a result of this experienced I am duly capable to put accounting theory into practice My P.O.A. School Based Assessment project has provided me with useful experience for the real world of work which I am soon to go into.

Description of Entity

The name of this entity is P.O.A. 2012 S.B.A. Project. The conduction of this business took place between the periods Sunday 15th January – Friday 20th January 2012 at St. George’s College. The marketing strategy in which we used was to announce our activity for the duration of break time through our school’s Public Address Intercom which gave details of items we sold, their prices and also the location of the business which was in front of the Lobby and Principal’s Office.

The Portfolio’s Assigned were:
1. Purchasing Activities - Samuel Ellis
Alesha Ruiz
Crystal Joseph
Zyanne Innis
Raine Rivas
Jinelle Tinto

2. Setup/Preparation - David Kalloo
Akil Ragbir
Aaron Elliot
Macaire De Freitas
Joel Smith
Adrian Edwards
Adrion Woods – Carr Jesse Joseph

3. Sales Personnel - Akash Rampersad
Renee Atwell
Shanya Springer
Mechella Hutchinson Zaneila Karim

4. Clean Up Duties - Richard Ningwah...
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