Pnoy’s First Sona: a Reaction Paper

Topics: Public finance, Keynesian economics, Philippines Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: September 22, 2011
PNoy’s First SONA: A Reaction Paper

To begin with, I am not one of the numerous pro-Aquino Filipinos, neither I’m a pro-Arroyo, but I’m not saying I’m against him. I believe he is ethical but I think he is not that effective as a leader and thus I do not totally trust his capacity to handle our country. But well, he stood out during the elections and I had no choice but to respect and accept it for the sake of our country.

While I was reading our president’s State of the Nation Address, I noticed the following: the difference of good and slump governance was introduced which for me indicates that he wanted to make a distinction between the administration that had passed and the administration that we will be having for the next six years.

The inherited burdens of the past administration to the current one were discussed which is not that necessary to put emphasis on since it rooted from the past and must be addressed immediately instead. However, the potential solutions to these problems were presented but it would be much better if these answers were explained further as to how exactly the government will attend to them in a matter-of-fact or practical manner and not in a very optimistic view. Based on my own opinion, it is too discriminating on the previous administration’s part to assign weights or stress on their faults. It is way healthier to focus on your own plans on how to correct these faults and make our country a better one than to edge your attention to errors done that cannot be undone anymore.

He also mentioned the existing proposed bills under the new administration. These bills are really promising and there is nothing wrong to be hopeful about it. But I myself am looking forward to the approval or immediate response to these proposals. Lastly, he ended his speech emphasizing the importance of one’s faith and trust in God and the hope of every Filipino. Honestly speaking, this part of P-Noy’s speech has a very big impact especially...
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