Topics: Pneumonia, Pulmonology, Acute respiratory distress syndrome Pages: 3 (572 words) Published: March 11, 2014
Conditions causing respiratory failure:
Condition that affects the flow of blood into the lungs: Pulmonary embolism- blocks blood flow and causes lung damage Conditions that affect the nerves and muscles that control breathing: Muscular dystrophy ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) & Spinal cord injury Conditions that affect the areas of the brain that control breathing: Stroke & Drug/alcohol overdose Conditions that affect the flow of air in and out of the lungs: COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) & Cystic fibrosis Conditions that affect gas exchange in the alveoli (air sacs): ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) & Pneumonia – airways fill with fluid and pus.

Some questions to think of or how to pursue the topic:
What is Pneumonia?
What is community acquired pneumonia and ? What are some signs or symptoms of Pneumonia?
How is Pneumonia diagnosed?
What treatments are available for people with Pneumonia?
What other organizations have information about Pneumonia?
What causes Pneumonia?
How common is Pneumonia?
The presentation should include reference to the natural history/etiology, prevalence, diagnosis, treatment/therapy and prognosis for the condition. The presentation should include a clear introduction of the condition as well as thought provoking material such as graphical pictures, models or audio-visual equipment.

What is pneumonia?
Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs where the air sacs (alveoli) fill with pus and mucus. The inflamed sacs results in a lower surface area to carry oxygen to the lungs. As a result the lungs works harder to breath to supply the body with oxygen this causes symptoms like cough, fever, and chest pain.

Etiology of Pneumonia
Causes of pneumonia are partly unknown, primarily because of difficulty in obtaining adequate samples and lack of reliable diagnostic methods. For the most cases it is known that Pneumonia can be caused by...
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