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The Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS), founded in 1956, is Singapore oldest not-for-profit professional institute committed to lifelong learning. They are offered in collaboration with highly acclaimed universities in Australia, France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America to provide career development opportunities for students. MDIS provides well-accredited courses for individuals in various fields, and one of them is Principles of Marketing and Production Management (PMPM) which is in collaboration with the University of Bradford, UK. Management Marketing is play an important role in current business area -- at the first decade of 21st century enterprises be challenged to achieve prosperous financial statement and even survive in facing negative business environment. Currently, marketing is playing a critical role in overcoming challenges for performance of profit. Operations, finance, accounting, and other business functions indeed relate with sufficient demand for customer service and buying product, so the company can deliver financial profit. In the other hand, marketing range should be flexibility and limitations. Thus successes of finance always rely on marketing ability. (Kotler, 2012) Current Situation - HANGZHOU The education in Hangzhou has built up a multi-system for running schools with the government playing the main role and the social forces the minor. In its outcome, the numbers of schools, subjects, teachers and students have all multiplied. Our countrys current educational laws, regulations and policies have specifications for education receivers and school systems of different levels and different kinds. So Hangzhou government wants their local students to stay in Hangzhou to study and also attract other cities students to study in Hangzhou. 2) Economic Environment - SINGAPORE Singapore is the fourth most densely populated country in the world and has one of the highest per capita gross domestic...
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