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Week 2 : Planning the Project: Scope and Responsibilities - Quiz

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1. (TCO A) Projects have specific attributes. Which of the following is not an attribute? (Points : 5)|        Has a sponsor or customer.
       Has interdependent tasks.
       Utilizes various resources.
       All of the above are project attributes.
2. (TCO A) Which step of the project life cycle involves identification of a need, problem, or opportunity? (Points : 5)|        Initiating
3. (TCO B) For a project, the objective is usually defined in terms of which three items? (Points : 5)|        Scope, schedule, and cost
       Schedule, plan, and controls
       Plan, scope, and packages
       Scope, cost and controls
4. (TCO A) 
a) If the project scope is increased, what are the likely steps that the project manager would take with regards to the other triple constraints? Why? (15 points) b) If the project schedule is relaxed or lengthened, what is the impact on quality? (15 points) (Points : 30)According to the triple constraints: "Scope, Time, Cost". All three of these impact the quality depending on which trade off is affecteda) The longer a project takes to complete, the more it will impact the quality of the project as a whole. b) Being relaxed or expanding the time frame for completion will impact scope and cost. Why? More money and less time to complete the work package deliverables.             |

5. (TCO B) You are reaching the end of your graduate school program, and are planning a large party to celebrate your success! You have rented out the local forest preserve as the venue for your party. Applying your project management skills, you want to ensure you have everything planned out and you’ve asked your family and friends to be a part of your team to hold this party. At your party, you have made it...
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