Plus-Size Lady Fashion in Australia

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With high living standards in some countries such as: US, European continents, Australia,… has tended to increase the number of obese people. So my topic is ‘’plus –size lady fashion in Australia’’, I want to find out how this situation is and how fashion companies deal with growing weight trends in Australia, especially to ladies and how it’s going to be in the future, I start off by finding the answers for the questions below: Main question:

What are current and potential needs of Australian lady for plus size fashion? Sub-questions:
What are the average weight of Australia women and its trend? What are the failure and successful companies in this area? What leads those results? Have customers really satisfied with those supplies? Which aspects need to be improved?

Firstly, According to Australian Government’s research (2009,‘About Overweight and Obesity’, Department of Health and Ageing), the number of the obese women are going to increase remarkably in Australia. And obesity is an epidemic in Australia. It has showed that ‘’the rates of overweight and obesity amongst adults have doubled over the past two decades with Australia now being ranked as one of the fattest developed nations’’. This point also indicates that plus size fashion will have great market in next few year in Australian apparel industry. O'Donnell, Jayne (2010, ‘Listening to a plus-size market’, Us today) stated that ‘US women two-thirds of the female population that is overweight or obese’, and the needs of plus-size (12, 14, 16) are massive. US is one of the nations which have enormous plus size consumers. According to Mintel- which is a worldwide leader of competitive media, product and consumer intelligence- (‘Size Matters - A quarter of UK Women Now Size 18 Or Above’, has showed that ‘in 2010, the UK market for plus-size clothing has never been bigger, with 45% growth in the plus-size womenswear market over the past five years’. It indicate that plus-size fashion needs has also increased significantly in Britian. It has provided some statistics about the amount of money the British ladies spent on plus-size fashion for the year, ‘the number of women taking plus-size clothing of the fashion market is expected to see unprecedented growth’. In addition, Anonymous (A. 2008, ‘lots of plus size women, few options; Monied niche demanding, with good reason’) said that ‘plus size fashion’ now account for one in five purchases in Canada's $10.8-billion ladies apparel market, a 20 per cent increase since 2003’. This report once emphasizes the huge growth of plus size market. However, the over size customers today have required more fashionable styles than before, not just simple fit their body, they want to get more valuable products, not just stop at basic satisfaction. The question is whether fashion retailers and garment industry have satisfied customers with quantity and quality of product. Secondly, the fact that the fashion standard of plus-size customers is getting higher while the retailers pay fewer attention on them, people always love to be confident with their clothing, proud of their appearance no matter what their weight. However, there are a lot of oversize people who experienced difficulties in finding the suitable clothing. According to Mintel, (‘grand future for plus-size fashion’,, the plus size fashion market has missed out by designers, retailers, investors. In Australia, Melissa Singer (2010, ‘Plus-size fashion on steep earning curve’, The Sydney morning Herald) suggested that there is a growing oversize cusumers compare to the limitation of fashion supplies in Australia most of designers don’t look at the true that people are getting bigger. ''Designers shy away from having large women in their clothing because...

References: * Walter, Ron, 2003, ‘Some losers some winners’, Moose Jaw Times Herald, Jan 2003 , p.p4, viewed 26 March 2011.
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