Plus Minus Zero. Advertising Strategy

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Target audience Pages: 7 (1858 words) Published: April 6, 2011

Table of Contents
I. Plus Minus Zero introduced
1) Simple idea behind the company
2) Design
3) Target audience selected
II. Unique Preposition
III. Production. 3 double page products advertisements
4) Initial ideas and argument behind them
5) Final choice and design of adverts
a. Typography chosen
b. Tagline idea explained
c. 3 Products to be advertised
i. Electronic Calculator XS
ii. Torch Flashlight
iii. Cordless Telephone
6) Media choice. Advertising campaign directed
d. Printed media targeted. Explanation
e. London Underground advertising
f. London black cabs advertising
g. Ambient media
a. Cup holders
b. Beer mats
IV. Mood board
V. Media board
VI. Final look of Plus Minus Zero Campaign. Evaluation

Plus Minus Zero introduced
Simple idea behind the company
The challenge of the task was to introduce unknown but prosperous Plus Minus Zero to the English market. It was essential to allocate their products on the marketplace and direct them to the selected target audience. Throughout the advertising campaign 3 separate double page advertisements were to be published in carefully chosen print media. Corporate company campaign was introduced in order to make Plus Minus Zero more recognised.

Plus Minus Zero originates in Japan and proposes an attractive range of products for fashion conscious audience. Company is aiming to become globally recognised. Simplicity is the key.

It can be said that Plus Minus Zero designs without designing. The whole concept of the company lies behind simplifying everything possible. Space becomes uncluttered and flawless. It is recreated to please the eye and relax the mind. Chaos is removed resulting in a relaxed atmosphere in a workplace and home. The boundary between them is removed. Consumer purchasing Plus Minus Zero product is purchasing elegant lifestyle taking a step forward to better quality of life. There are some charismatic values that Plus Minus Zero represents. Behind the idea of simplicity lays friendship with environment. Sleek and cosy lines of products create a theatre experience. Plus Minus Zero consumer is a part of adoring audience waiting for the magic to begin. Moreover, beauty and simple finish represent necessity and top-notch functionality. Simple designs stand out from the crowd from business world full of rush and consumerism. Every single product can beautifully blend with environment. Since it is about simplicity, company cannot go out of fashion in changing everyday world and market trends. Due to simple designs product stay neutral and consumer can keep them forever. Target audience

In order to market products well target audience has to be established. Primary and secondary research brings certain facts about people buying Plus Minus Zero. A perspective buyer can be found in business environment inside the City of London. It is more likely a woman than a man who would buy Plus Minus Zero Product. Age of target group is between 25-35 years old. Median age of the audience is 32 years old. Analysis of demographics shows they are most likely to be single with no children. They live a fast life with a constant focus on their career goals. They work in the office, bank or business like environment. Their work makes them move around constantly, therefore they need simple things in life to match ever-changing environment. They stylish but simple and fashion conscious. Their biggest dislikes are immodest and extravagant items because they disrupt their space, image and concentration. They may travel to work by Southern Railway train. They often go for presentations, seminars and conferences outside London, and United Kingdom. They could be easily found on Eurostar train grabbing their fast lunch and a cup of coffee....
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