Plunging Into the Blue

Topics: Swimming pool, Drowning, Diving Pages: 2 (867 words) Published: July 30, 2013
Plunging Into the Blue
“Help!” my brother screamed from the deep end of the swimming pool. He was struggling to swim and appeared to be drowning! We could not believe our eyes. On scorching hot summer days, I knew I could always count on it being there, still, unmoving, glistening beautifully under the hot, blazing summer sun, waiting for someone to take a dip into its vast light blue water; it lay there in the middle of my backyard always guaranteeing me relief after a long, sizzling day and the convenience of having a quick, pleasant swim with close friends. My swimming pool had constantly been there in the comfort of my own home for nine whole years now, no matter what occasion it was, whether I went for a swim with friends, family, or by myself I indeed enjoyed my time in the water. The shape of the pool was not that of a typical rectangular-square one would find at resorts or other public places, instead it was uniquely pear-shaped, resembling the number “eight”, with shallow water measuring at three feet on one end and eight feet at the deep end. The tiles were dark blue, always shining brightly and felt cold against the warm water. At the bottom, the hard concrete floor was that of a light baby blue color, despite sporting a few cracks here and there after all those years, the pool still looked brand new. I never liked the smell of chlorine, and fortunately it was never too strong in the water; in fact, even the birds wanted a taste of it, flying overhead and chirping by. There was a white life-saving ring occasionally centered in the middle of the pool, a bit battered looking, never actually called for to put to use, thankfully, because everyone knew how to swim; evidently those swimming lessons back in 3rd grade came in handy. Tradition was whenever I dived into the outdoor pool, I jumped straight into the deep end- no apprehensive bit by bit consumptions of the water-which resulted in feeling that cold “shock” only once upon entering, this made the...
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