Plum Garden at Kameido

Topics: Branch, Tree, Trunk Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Kirsten Retherford
Mrs. Nelson
Art 1113
February 12, 2013
Plum Garden at Kameido
The media used to create this piece of art is woodblock print. In this work of art there are many different things that you see such as, a flowering plum tree, along with a few others in the background, a garden, a fence, and many human figures.

In this print there are many different types of lines. You can tell that the people in this art work are portraying vertical lines, compared to the tree branches which are displaying the horizontal lines. In this background there are many tree branches which show us what diagonal lines look like. The main tree trunk in the front of this print displays the curved shaping to the tree. Some of the branches are longer than others. Also we can tell that the trees have different widths. Some of them are thicker than others. The line that dominates in the print would be the diagonal line.

The people in this art work are so small because the plum tree is the main focus. The people are separated from the trees by a fence because it is probably a famous site. The relationship between the people and nature is that they are intrigued by the beauty of it.

I personally like this work of art. It is very pretty and the colors in it are very bold. The blossoming plum trees remind me of spring because they are blooming in this print. Overall I think this work of art is successful because it is intriguing and makes you think about what is going on in it.
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