Plug in Drug

Topics: Television, Vacuum tube, Radio Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: November 1, 2010
The Plug-in Drug

Part 1 Bibliographical Information
Winn. “Televising: The Plug-in Drug.” The Mercury Reader. John Callahan. New York: Pearson Custom Publishing, 2009. 207-217. Print. Part 2 Brief Summary
Marie Winn the author of “Televising: The Plug-in Drug”, is expressing the affects that television has on children. Television today is part of a family’s everyday life. The affects that television has on families are the change of family life and family rituals. The harms that television has on families are activities such as lose of family games, singing, joking, coloring, conversations, festivals, and arguments. Instead of talking about problems in the household, family members are more likely to go and watch TV. Instead of conversing and solving problems this tends to distract them and forget about them at that time. Children are affected the most by television because the lose of family activities; this is where the children’s learning takes place and where they form the personality, but in not having this the child is more likely to have difficulties in having conversations with people and poor eye contact when talking. Another lose that parents have with there children is the interaction; the alienation and desertion of their children. Television is taking away from human development and is increasing with less family time. Part 3 Reflection on the Reading Process

When reading the article “Televising: The Plug-in Drug” it was very understandable. There were only a few words that I did not hear of before or knew the pronunciation, so I referred to the note cards I made, the words and sentences they were in made much more sense to me. I also used the pre reading method; this method helps me get a glimpse of what the article is going to be about. The first, middle, and last paragraphs are the most helpful when skimming through and finding out the main ideas. The main ideas strategy is the most helpful to me. They way I pick out the main ideas, is to...
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