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Topics: Causality, Rhetoric / Pages: 3 (683 words) / Published: Oct 21st, 2013
“How does the passive act of watching television affect the developing children's relationship with the real world?” In the essay “Television: The plug in Drug,” by author Marie Winn, the author examines television’s impact on children. The author uses rhetorical devices such as causal analysis to support her argument on television non-effectiveness on society and cause and effect to illustrate and persuade the unaware attitude of parents towards television. This is an essay on how television affects children’s and how families should interact.

It is too often that television is used as a child-minder for parents to get some peace and quiet. The author Marie Winn, calls Television “a drug”. Nonetheless, many parents are aware of the dilemma, but often, they are too hooked to break the habit of excessive television view on their children at an early stage of their lives. Winn said, “Television will take over your way of living and change your children’s habits.” The reason is because television can influence and change a children’s behavior to act a certain way at an early stage of their life. Moreover, it changes the way a child’s brain operates. The brain works as an addictive energy source, which mean that when collecting information it works best on familiar things. For example, when a child is addicted to watching tv at an early stage of their life, the brain process information quickly because it was trained to collect information’s that way. Now, if the child is not so active in school on the other hand, it would be a bit difficult for a child’s brain to process information mainly because of the brain not being trained to process information in that sort of way. In other words, the brain is like an active sponge that only soaks up and collects information’s on where it is placed.

The author uses rhetorical devices such as causal effect to

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