Plot Analysis: The Leader by Eugene Ionesco

Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: December 24, 2013
Plot Analysis of; The Leader by Eugene Ionesco

The Announcer with huge enthusiasm and excitement reports the actions of The Leader to a Young Lover, the Girl-Friend and the two Admirers. These are two couples which, at first they seem as strangers by when they appear onstage and share what their interests are, one couple is fascinated by the leader, one couple is fascinated with each other, The Leader is off stage, only the Announcer can see him. The four are anticipating The Leader’s entrance, listening to every word the Announcer says. The Announcer broadcasts each thing The Leader does, like shaking hands with people, eating his soup and petting a hedgehog. One couple frequently tries to get a look at him as he wanders through the city as he is in a parade, but an announcer keeps them back while describing everything that the leader is doing. The announcer leads the couple that is fascinated by the leader on a chase to find him meanwhile in alternate scenes (when one group leaves stage, the other glides in), the other couple adore each other and expressing their love. Finally, The Leader comes on stage, passing through where the five are waiting, who then discover that The Leader does not have a head. This does not matter to them at all because he’s got genius. At a turning point in the play, the two Lovers chase each other across the stage, meeting the two Admirers in centre stage in confusion. The two couples exchange partners for a moment, embracing the other. The play ends with each character asking the others what their name is.
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