Playtime Is over

Topics: Education, Sociology, Child Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Spring 2012

Playtime is over

Schools around the country are growing concerned about the weather students should have free time in between classes or should be adding more class hours. As of now there are a number of concerns on this matter and schools are hiring "recess coaches" to monitor children activities during their free time and how they develop their personality. In favor of this, many others schools have put an end to recess for more time into academic classes. On the other hand critics are afraid that students’ lives are being over schedule as a result of recess coaching. In what follows, i will briefly discuss the task of free recess between coaching.

Many schools have gotten rid of recess in favor of more time put into classes. One consequence of these changes is the disappearing of "culture of childhood". This culture, which is found all over the world. It’s a tradition on which children have created among themselves and have passed it on for generations. Rules were set up by children and somewhat have learn to follow this set of rules with little to no changes made till today era. Without forgetting to show the value and the goodness to one another. I believe in the existing on this "culture of childhood". I have lived through it in my younger years and it very important where one child is free to do and explore their self-esteem and be out there and learning and enjoying their child life and more important being a kid. Of course having the mentally of one day becoming someone in the future and look back how much you enjoy or maybe did not enjoy if you were coach during your recess time.

The participation in the culture of childhood was a socializing process. The socialization is the process by which children learn from others. They begin learning from others older children during the early days of life, and mostly continue their social learning all through life. Learning is fun, as when learn to a new sport, art or musical...
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