Playing soccer

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Full and Short Papers

Full papers must break new ground and provide complete and substantial support for the reported results and conclusions. Successful submissions typically represent a major advance for the field of MobileHCI in to any of the areas listed as the main topic areas.

Short papers offer a focused contribution to the research program. Short papers are not work in progress reports but offer completed, rigorously researched/developed work that makes a significant contribution to the field of MobileHCI. Short papers may contribute to any of the areas listed as the main topic areas of the MobileHCI conference. Short papers are likely to have a smaller scope of contribution than full papers, but their contribution is expected to be a solid contribution to the field. For example, short papers on applications may not cover the entire iterative design cycle (observation, design, implementation, evaluation, etc.) but may instead go into depth in specific areas. Short papers may offer details of a design process, an evaluation, an implementation, technical discovery, etc. Short papers are expected to cite work that is directly relevant to their content but do not need to fulfil the breadth and depth of coverage required by long papers.

Mobile HCI Requires Novel Manuscripts

Paper submissions must not have been published previously. A paper is considered to have been previously published if it has appeared in a peer-reviewed journal or meeting proceedings that is reliably and permanently available afterward in print or electronic form to non-attendees, irrespective of the language of that publication. This includes papers that are reviewed only as abstracts, but are published as a complete paper.

Mobile HCI Supports Sharing Preliminary Work

MobileHCI sees significant value in sharing early work through posters, demos, and informal venues. Indeed, MobileHCI strongly encourages the submission of exciting, early research as a MobileHCI poster or demo. Sharing preliminary research through these short, lightly reviewed venues does not inhibit subsequent publication at MobileHCI-provided that the MobileHCI submission makes a contribution beyond (i.e., provides more or newer information than) the previous, shorter document.

Non peer-reviewed documents such as theses and tech reports are not considered prior publications, and thus do not preclude submission of a paper on the same topic by the same authors. Prior work should, of course, be referenced appropriately. Please take special note of the ACM Plagiarism Policy, in particular the section on self-plagiarism.

Concurrent Submission is Prohibited

A paper identical or substantially similar (or even a subset or superset) in content to one submitted to MobileHCI should not be simultaneously under consideration at another conference or journal during the entire duration of the MobileHCI review process (i.e., from the submission deadline until the notification of decisions are emailed to authors). This restriction applies even if the overlap in review timelines between MobileHCI and another venue is just a few days or a few hours, and even if it is your intention to withdraw the submission from the other venues as soon as it is accepted by one of them. This restriction also applies even if the other venue allows simultaneous submission. We will make every effort to identify simultaneous submissions, and Mobile HCI reviewers are often familiar with the papers under review at other related conferences and journals; as such, submissions that are substantially similar run the risk of being rejected by MobileHCI and the other venues on grounds of duplication alone.


All references must be complete, accurate, accessible to the public, and conform to the Conference Proceedings Publication Format. Do not cite publications that are proprietary or confidential at the time of publication.

Anonymous Submission Process

Paper submissions are...

References: Final Submission
Please upload your camera-ready paper without any copyright notice till June 6, 2014
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