Playing for Pizza

Topics: Playing for Pizza, John Grisham, Parma Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: June 19, 2010
A second chance, in my opinion, is one of the best things that can be given. When given a second chance, you learn how to improve your life. After all, we can learn from our mistakes. In the media we hear of many people being given another chance, children being reunited with parents and people narrowly escaping death and becoming better people. In the novel Playing for Pizza, the author, John Grisham illustrates the idea that being given a second chance teaches you valuable life lessons. Rick Dockery, the protagonist, learns much about life lessons and their effect after having been given a second chance. Life lessons are important. In this novel the author teaches the reader that you must cherish the happy moments, focus on happiness not monetary gain, and find security in a home that you can call your own.

(01)In the novel Rick Dockery, the main character, learns that life is more enjoyable when you cherish the happy moments. Rick is a burnt out NFL player who is always on the run, he is rushing from flat to flat, never has a steady relationship and rarely takes the time to sit down for a nice family meal. In Parma, Rick is welcomed by a hefty serving of pasta, wine, cheese and friends:

For someone who still enjoyed Mc-Donald’s, the tastes were astounding. The flavors coated every taste bud in his mouth and made him chew as slowly-as possible. Sam was slicing more for himself, and Nino was pouring wine. (Grisham 56)

Rick enjoys the company and food, when Rick asks Sam “Do you eat like this often?” Sam replied “Not everyday, but this is not unusual...” (Grisham 62). Through out the novel Rick learns to take it slow, relax, enjoy. And like with food life is better when savored.

(02)True happiness means fulfillment not monetary gain. In the beginning of the novel Rick seems to be unaware of that, he is too busy counting his debt, and profit. [If] “The Browns owe [me] $ 50,000 for the playoffs”... (Grisham 26) Rick says to himself. He is worrying...
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