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Balot is a popular card game in Saudi Arabia. A lot of people like to play it, from old men to young boys. The game has become a tradition for young people. They play it anywhere: in front of the sea, in coffee shop and in their apartments. Balot has a basic set of rules all players have to learn suits and apply. Before play one must have 4 players and 32 cards from the ace to the 7 in all suits. The game has two different styles, San and Hokom. There is also the balding of hands for the score and different roles between areas. By learning the ryles of Balot you will learn how to play it.

First, the San, in the San the order of the cards form the highest to the lowest is A, 10, king, queen, jack, 9, 8, 7. When one of the players choose San that's the order that all players must play in. The same order applies to all shapes. For example, if one of the players throw the 10 of hearts and no one throws the ace and we know that the 10 is the second in order, that means he will take the four play cards and throw another card. If one of the players throw the 8 of hearts and no one has any card from the same suit, he will take the four cards even if one of them throw, the 10 or king the 8 will be the highest card, because it is one of kind. If one of the players didn't play the same suit that the other players playing, the round is over and the other team gets the points. In the San the total of the points is 26, divided by the teams by the cards they collect in the round. Each card has its own values, A=11, 10=10, K=4, Q=3, J=2, 9- 8- 7= 0. We count the cards and we see who got the highest number, each 10 in the count = 2 points. If the team how said San it's ok if the other team, as the 26 points will go to the other team. The San is easy to play and easy to lose the game with, so most players take San when they have powerful cards.

The second hand , the Hokom, is a little complicated than San but it's more fun. When the players choose Hokom one of them...
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