Playing Beatie Bow

Topics: Learning, 19th century, Family Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Since living with the Talliskers and Bows Abigail Kirk has learned to be more mature and to be more accepting to others. Abigail has become more aware of the 19th century and how different it is from her own home. Beatie's family has treated abigail family with such kindness through this Abigail has learn to be more kind and understanding towards others toward. Now that Abigail has experienced love she now understands how her mother feels about her father.

Abigail has experienced living in the 19th century and has grown to deal with different living conditions. when Abigail first arrived in the 19th century she did not know how the people lived apart from what her mother told her which was only what the rich people did. While in the house of the Tallisker Abigail began to see the difference between the 19th century and her time; the rooms where a lot smaller and they had oil wicks instead of lights. When Abigail as Dovey if she could wash in there bathroom Dovey looked at her in shock but there is no such place Abby only in grand houses. Abigail was shocked "but however do you keep clean". Dovey explained that on Saturday nights granny the girls bathed in front of the bedroom fire. Uncle Samuel brought up the wooden tub and hot water and emptied it afterwards. The menfolk wash in front of the kitchen fire, do you see? But it must be on Saturdays to be clean for the sabbath. Our lien is boiled on the downstairs copper every monday. Our outer clothes are sponged with vinegar or ivory water. Oh sugar Abigail thought no wonder everyone wiffs like an old dish cloth

Staying at the bows and Tallisker Abigail has learned to accept others and to be compassionate toward each other is rewarding. When Abigail first arrived she was mean and ungrateful and complained about everything. Once she learns to be more mature and she begins to help around the house and the confectionary . Granny and Dovey looked after Abigail when she was sick and and now Abigail must...
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