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Play Work
PW. 13

Summarises the statutory and regulatory requirements covering the health, safety and
Security in a play environment for:
- Children and young people
Doing regular fire drills so the children are aware of the procedure, risk assessment of the play setting before the children enter
- workers- All staff in the setting should have a clear understanding of the health, safety and security procedures, and know their responsibilities for each other, the children, and the premises.
- Families and visitors
Must sign in the log book before entering the building , then are to wear a visitor badge that will be visible, also letting them no if there is going to be a fire drill if not and the fire alarm goes off where the assembly point is.
Explain the regulations covering manual handling and the risks associated with lifting
And carrying children
The risks when carrying children
You may trip over casing injury to yourself the child you carrying and anu other children or staff around

Explain how child development affects health, safety and security arrangements in a
Play environment

2.1 explains the procedures to follow for safety checking the following in a play environment: - facilities
- equipment
- toilets
- washing areas
- movement and activity of children and young people
By doing opening checks before coming into the play setting and also doing closing check to make sure the building is safe at the end of the day
Cross ref in cyp 3
1.2 1.3

2.2 explains the security procedures to follow for the arrival and departure of children and young people at a play environment cross ref in cyp3.3 1.2

Explain the procedures for the storage and administration of medicines at a play environment. Any child that requires medication in the setting the parent is to fill in a medication form to say that we are administrating medication at ie time and how much. The medication is kept in a medication first aid box

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