Play Review: The Rose Tattoo

Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: February 1, 2009
In the play, The Rose Tattoo, by Tennessee Williams there are a couple of lines that help figure out a few things. The doctor in the play while talking to the priest says, “They find God in each other. And when they lose each other, they lose God and they're lost. And it's hard to help them”. These lines play an important part within the theme and the main character's, Serafina, life.

In the beginning of the play, Serafina lives a happy life with her husband Rosario and her daughter Rosa. She has a small business that is successful and enjoys her everyday life. Then one day her husband gets into an accident and everything goes downhill. After her husband death, Serafina seems to lose herself. She stops dressing up nice, wearing one piece of garment everyday that wouldn't count as presentable. She stops communicating with the other ladies of the neighborhood, and overall she loses her faith, thus losing God.

Time passes and three years later Serafina is still living the same. There are times where she asks for a sign so things can finally change but nothing seems to happen until one day another man comes stumbling by. The man's name is Alvaro and seems to have figure that remind Serafina of her late husband. His figures make her become interesting in him. This is when, “They find God in each other,” comes into play. Alvaro trying to pursue her makes her want to change again. She finally changes from that outfit she had wore everyday for years and dresses up again. She even even puts effort to lighten up the mood when he is over.

When she finds out the truth about her late husband having an affair she almost loses herself again but this time she has Alvaro by her side. She seems to find some comfort in him that makes her start believing that everything is going to be alright again. She finally has a reason to forget about Rosario and continue on with her life. She can move on without dwelling on the past.

In conclusion, when someone loses someone very close...
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