Play Review

Topics: Comedy, Actor, Drama Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: April 17, 2013

Play Review
A comedy play based on the mysterious murder of three ballet dancers, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 was extremely on point, and well-executed, just one of those plays where the audience can reflect and admit that it was a great play.

The overall plot was fairly predictable. With the unknown killer among a group of naive characters, we are obviously given the clue that one of the characters are faking their role. The play spends a good amount of time trying to discover who the murderer is. Many twists and turns throw the characters into traps and deceptions, as they struggle to find out which one of them is the real killer. I felt that because of this plot, with all the unknown clues and hidden secret passages, it only made the play more ludicrous and enjoyable to watch. The character’s reactions to the deaths really made the crowd laugh a few times.

Technically, one of the things that really stuck out to me was timing. I believe one of the main reasons why the production deserved a standing ovation was because everything seemed to melt together. Lighting was surprisingly precise. There was not one moment where I felt that the lighting could have been darker or lighter in any scene. It came right on when necessary, especially the opening scene with the murder of the maid. Of course, we can’t mention lighting without also talking about sound. Sound was another component that was really well played out. The actor’s actions matched the sounds perfectly, which made the play seem even more engaging and real. The part where Roger, played by Michael Portugal, was turning the radio on, the tune played. At that moment, it sounded so surreal, I was even confused for a second. Music and lightening were two components that highlighted the play.

I have to say, all the actors deserve applause for their great performances. For me, Patrick O’Reilly, played by Ryan Gatus, really stuck out to me. He seemed to have caught my attention the moment he...
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