Play for Pay

Topics: University, Division I, National Collegiate Athletic Association Pages: 4 (1090 words) Published: July 9, 2013
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To convince my audience that college athletes should be paid for there services. Central Idea: College athletes should be paid for what they do

I. How many people in this world feel like they are underpaid? Went to work every day, work hard and did the best you could and never got a cent for anything you did. This is the harsh reality that college athletes face until they get drafted or graduate and get a good job. II. Students athletes need money just like any other full-time college students, and many of them need it even more. How many of you have jobs? III. And me being a full-time student and also watching one of my best friends brother go through six years of college, it takes a good amount of money to make it comfortably through college. IV. College student athletes not being paid and they should be.

Let’s talk about some of the problems students have and solutions they could use.

I. There are many problems that student athletes face.
A. Injury =Financial Disaster for most students
1. As a ninth grader, Kyle Hardwick committed to the University of Oklahoma to play basketball. The 6’8” forward suited up for his first game in 2009, but after two years at Oklahoma, he played a total of six months due to a catastrophic knee injury. Today, he is trying to continue his career, but he has not obtained a medical hardship waiver to regain a year of eligibility. And the loss of his scholarship has left his family struggling with his tuition bills on top of medical bills. (hubpages ,Feb 2012).

2. Many college athletes face injury because of being overused playing their sport. The study analyzed 573 male and female college athletes from NCAA Division I schools. These athletes reported 1,317 injuries over a three-year period. These injuries were 29.3 percent overuse injuries and 70.7 acute injuries. The study also found that females were more likely to be injured because of overuse...

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