Play Analysis: Social Security

Topics: Theatre, Comedy, Screwball comedy film Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: December 17, 2006
This hour and a half play could very easily be transformed into the lead episode for situational comedy on television, serving as a domestic prompt that it is never too late for anyone to seek happiness, as well as some form of modern-day fairy-tale that affirms the phenomenal therapeutic potential of Love. The characters of the play consist of a pair of oldsters, a dyad of middle-aged couples, and a young woman gone wild—the most intriguing character who was spoken of but invisible throughout the play. The most important thing about this play is that it sends a fleeting cheerfulness and optimism that can hardly be noticed amidst the humdrum of life's daily ordeal (Barnidge). The play commences as Martin and Trudy Heyman tells Barbara Kahn, Trudy's sister, and her husband David, that they cannot continue to care for Sophie Greengrass, the aged mother of both Barbara and Trudy. The Heymans' sudden announcement seems to be rooted from a problem about their daughter that they have been preoccupied with. Their daughter seems to have gone out of college in Buffalo, concurrently engaging in some menage a trois with two men. Thus, Martin and Trudy feel that it is their sacred duty as parents to run up to Buffalo and salvage their perverse daughter. Their concern seems so urgent that they had to leave right away, barely able to broadcast some few reminders to Barbara and David regarding Sophie's needs, such as she likes her tea hot and nice. The haste virtually spells the first act. Things escalate during the second act, as Sophie gets acquainted with 98-year old world-renowned artist Maurice Koenig. Sophie derives a bit of invigoration from Maurice. The two oldsters eventually embarked on some teenage-level romance, which is portrayed with much more regard for elderly people than what one would normally anticipate to witness in theaters nowadays (Thomas). As the play unfolds, a few surprises emerge. The play's appeal essentially manifests through the tender yet highly...

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