Play Activity Assignment

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This assignment is called Play activity. It is worth 30% of the overall grade of the module Early Childhood Education. As part of the assessment criteria of this assignment I must complete a play activity to a group o children aged between 0-6 years.

I have been starting to work in Crèche X in Donnybrook area since two weeks ago (as a full time). I have been in a free trial, then part time till they decided I can start full time. I work in Baby room. There are five children at the moment. I love children and I like being around them. I haven’t worked before with babies, so it was a challenge and a big responsibility for me and I was very happy for the chance given to me. Despite the fact I had no experience to work with babies, I learnt lots of things in a short period of time and I can say I still have to learn few more.

It is a small but spacious, but friendly and brightly crèche. It is a full day care service from 7:30 till 6:00. They have a Baby room, Wobblers room, Toddler room and Montessori room. The Baby room has also a cot room with 4 beds. It is a lovely room plenty of toys and books (for babies). The crèche has also a changing room, an office, a kitchen and a large outdoor garden. They provide breakfast and hot nutritious meals. All of their staff (six persons) are full trained and experienced. They are Garda vetted and First aid trained. They use the Montessori and Highscope methods of play and education. They have a secure access, outdoor safety surface, wheel chair accessible, daily log kept for parents. When parents come to pick up their children they must say a password or if they send somebody else to pick up their child, they must call before and then to say a password as well.

* Sign the children in and out
* Keep daily record of each child (record book)
* Parents sign in and out
* Changing nappies
* Feeding children
* Playing with them ( sponge painting, hand print, activity gym, ball play, pulling objects, mirror play, face expression, different kind of music, messy play, etc) * Bring them to sleep area

* Verify then from tem to ten minutes
* Write every day on a Care of Sheet the quantity and the hours they had their bottles of milk, solids, how many time nappies were changed, * Write down on the Cot Sheet that you verified the children and they were safe at that moment * Answer the phone

* Hovering and mop every day the room
* Fill out an accident report
* Chat with parents about day’s activity
* Medical consent and administration form for medicines given to children must be completed by the manager, parent, staff and witness. * Take the temperature of children that seem to be sick checking from 15 to 15 minutes and right down on the medicine book; if the temperature is high we call the parents * Verify every morning and afternoon the temperature from refrigerator * Hover and mop all the crèche one day a week (when my turn comes)

My name is Mihaela Serea. I’m from Romania and I came in Ireland in 2008. I have been starting to work as a child minder for two families. I took care of a child of four years old and one of three years old. The second family just moved in UK two months ago, so I decided to start Fetac Level 5 in Childcare.

In Romania I went to College for a period of 4 years Faculty of Letters, profile Romanian-English. During the college I completed the courses for the Department of Teaching in primary/secondary school. After the college I have done a master degree in Business Management for one year and half. During my Master degree I had the opportunity to work in a kindergarten. I was afraid of taking care of small children, but it was a really pleasant experience and I enjoyed it a lot.

Some other courses completed: when I was in secondary school, I decided to do some courses within the area of...
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