Plato Vs Machiavelli Research Paper

Topics: Political philosophy, Government, Democracy, Plato, The Prince, Aristotle / Pages: 4 (891 words) / Published: Feb 28th, 2016
I think Plato and Machiavelli are known as two orominent philosphers.Who brought out the creativity in the political life.Both them have many simiilarites in between them.The first similarity in them is that Plato wants only the best should be the head of the etate in his view socartes are the best suitable for that job where as Machiavelli thinks that the prince should be the head of the state because he think mostly price are capaable of doing many things which other people can not.Both Plato and Machiavelli agree on that leader should know what he is doing he should have knowledge about what he is doing.Both beilve that ruler should have complete power for making decisions.

...Plato and Machiavelli both agrees that virtue is need for
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In short, Plato’s government reinforces the need for order while giving the illusion of freedom. Whereas Machiavelli proposes that government’s primary concern is to remain intact, thereby preserving stability for the people who live under it.Plato main focus is way of life for people.But for Machiavelli country protection and people protection is most important him.So he make sure that they are ready for any kind attack on them.Plato is not favor of cruilty he beileve cruitly makes things more worse.But Machiavelli think cruilty is required so that people remain in their limits.If there is not cruilty people are the most evil on earth so he beileve there should be some cruilty.Plato would establish only one specific class to be the armed protectors of the State, but Machiavelli would create a fighting force where anyone who seems qualified to handle a weapon could do so Machiavelli's assertion that the people should generally be left alone so as to facilitate the ruler's continued support from the people. Plato believes that a government needs to directly interfere with people so as to make their lives more virtuous. Machiavelli think a ruler is concerned with nothing but his maintenance of power. But Plato's ruler is virtuous and cares for his people, not his own

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