Plato vs Aristotle

Topics: Aristotle, Bible, Mind Pages: 3 (1124 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Plato vs. Aristotle
Theatre is said to be a performing art that is always changing and whose every performance is unique (Downs 472). While there is a set definition of theatre, there hasn’t been a set reason as to why we do theatre, and many people such as Aristotle and Plato have come to a disagreement as to what that very nature is. However as a Christian I would have to say that I disagree with the philosophy of Plato and do believe that theatre helps open the mind of the viewers to see the world through a whole different lens. Plato argues that theatre should only be allowed if we ensure that it contains only characters that are suitable as role models, because it manipulates the way people think and make them forget who they are (Downs 6-7). However I believe that Plato really didn’t want viewers to see the world as it really was. It’s like Plato along with those who installed these beliefs in him wanted us to see a picture perfect world that didn’t really exist. The sad thing is that to some extent the government still control the way we view things through other entertainment. Plato’s view reminds me of the Christian nature. Take North Central and all their rules, for example. “Students may not work or attend any event that serves alcohol, students are not permitted to visit any other students of the opposite sex outside of visitation hours, students are only permitted to watch movies rated PG 13 on campus, students aren’t allowed any piercings but ears and nose and if they have any others, it shall be removed, they are only allowed to change their hair to natural colors, and the restrictions of certain websites such as Victoria secret etc, during internet usage (NCU Student Guide). It’s like they are telling us that we can express ourselves in however we choose to, but at the same time putting a line up as to how far we can go and choices as to the only ways we can express ourselves, afraid that how we dress, what we watch, listen to and do is going to...

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