Plato Myth of the Cave

Topics: Meaning of life, The Prisoner, Interview Pages: 4 (1566 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Running Head: MYTH OF THE CAVE 1| Plato’s Myth of the Cave|
By Yvette D. Best|
PhilosophyPHI 1005 Spring 2011|
Centenary CollegeMay 29, 2011|


This paper will describe the learning experience of my interviewees while translating what The Myth of the Cave by Plato means to them. Further, it will discuss the similarities and differences between the responses received from my interviewees based on my discussion of The Myth of the Cave by Plato as read in Twenty Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy.

For this paper, I interviewed a group of my peers at work. My company Bombardier makes trains and planes. I was a Senior Project Administrator for a project at New Jersey Transit where thirty-six (36) dual electrical/diesel locomotives were implemented to their train fleet. I recently was promoted and moved to Fayetteville, GA. My former work unit consisted of seven (7) people. The members of this group came from different countries and I was the only American in this work unit. I felt that based on the cultural and educational differences of the interviewees involved, I would receive unique responses to the question: What is the meaning of Plato’s Myth of the Cave? I chose the five (5) engineers in our group for this paper. The interview began as a group where I described The Myth of the Cave by Plato based on my reading in Twenty Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy. I described the story as follows: There are a group of men, prisoners, their hands and legs are shackled by chains. Moreover, the movement of their head and face is also restricted, so that they can see nothing but the wall in front of them. This restricted movement limits their visibility to the wall, thus circumscribing the scope of any encounter beyond it. There is an enormous fire on the ground, and between the wall and the fire is a walkway meant for objects to pass. The shadows of these objects fall directly on...
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