Plato. Myth of the Cave

Topics: Avicenna, Soul, René Descartes Pages: 1 (476 words) Published: October 20, 2014
An Essay on Plato’s “The Myth of the Cave”

Plato's Myth of the Cave describes how people have chains that keep them from becoming enlightened individuals. Some chains keep us in the shadow denying us the ability to learn how to face truth, how to face knowledge. Plato's Myth of the Cave takes a close look at how we behave while dealing with knowledge. Our fear of truth creates chains that help us ignore the inevitability of change. It is known that tree reserves have been dwindling, yet people still refuse to see what happening before their very eyes. We know that if we cut all trees we would die, because trees produce oxygen, but we still cutting trees. We treat such problems in the same way as the cave dwellers. When the escapee returns and tells them of the sun they tell him he is crazy for talking of such things. They ignore the fact there is more than just the comfort of the shadows. In The Myth of the Cave Plato reveals the cave as our earthly existence, what surrounds us, what we see and how we see. We are prisoners of our own world, and shadows, which we see, are everything that is accredited by society: truth, lifestyle, social actions, morality. The cave can be also interpreted as our foolish and vain seeks such as wealth, power and appreciation. If compare these vain things with real knowledge and truth they are only superficial things. There is something that is eternal and not credible, and material things are only the essence of the things. The center of philosophy is the theory of ideas. The essence of things is ideas. The area of simulacrum is the area of sensitivity. Sensitivity belongs to material, carnal world. Due to expression of sensitivity we realize direct change, direct existence, conversion and dissapearance. The realm of the actual existence is the realm of the soul world. The actual knowledge goes through the eyes of the soul. Knowledge don't reveal through the sensitivity; it is associated with actual exsistence witch remains...
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