Plato Allegory

Topics: Prison, World, The Prisoner Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: October 12, 2011
1. The purpose of the allegory is to make it able to direct a relationship between a character, object, or place and an idea or concept. An allegory shows expressions through symbols, allowing the reader to use their imagination. This form of writing easily attracts the attention of its reader. 2. The cave symbolizes the ignorance of mankind. Within the cave, mankind is unaware of any existing world outside of the wall that is placed directly in front of the prisoners. I do believe that there are other possible interpretations. This interpretation could be material world, and physical world we experience. 3. I believe the prisoners in the cave are symbols of humanity. The common human who does not know what reality is until they are unchained and released 4. I believe the prisons are chained in The Allegory of the Cave because of the many restrictions humanity has to withstand. The prisoners are forced to see things from a certain perspective. Chains could possibly symbolize the laws. 5. I believe the puppet masters represent society, education, and religion. The puppet masters shape the understanding of the prisoners. Within societies, education, and religion shape our understanding and are responsible for how we learn. 6. A prisoner would be released from their bonds and cured of their delusions. However, this escape may involve confusion and difficulty. The prisoner’s vision would be at fault and provide struggle. They would experience a whole new world. 7. The prisoner that escaped would be made a fool if one attempted to return to the cave. The other prisoners would question and ruin all possible sight. If the prisoner attempted to lead one up, it is possible they would kill that prisoner. 8. I think “the good” refers to the light which is justice and enlightenment. 9. Socrates goes on to say that their argument indicates that knowledge is innate in each one of us. He compares our brain to an eye that can’t be turned from bad to...
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