Plato - Algore Unexamined Life and Examined Life.

Topics: Meaning of life, Al Gore, Life Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: May 5, 2013
According to Plato, Socrates had differentiated two ways of life, unexamined life and examined life. Socrates was irritated by the Sophists in his Era, and their leaning to teach logic as a means of achieving self-centered ends. An unexamined life to not examine or question one's life is to risk misunderstanding one's self in relation to the world, to remain oblivious to one's thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and thus, to be a passive receiver of experience, instead of an active interpreter of experience. Besides, one has to analyze himself every day to find the real meaning of life and to live a happy and worthy life. Living an examined life will not only better yourself but will help those around you and guarantee your safety in heaven. I agree with Socrates when he says the unexamined life is not worth living for several reasons. Not only should we live our lives as if we are going to be judged at the end, but we should strive to live them to the fullest, making accomplishments, no matter how big or small, that will improve the lives of others around us and future generations. In “An Inconvenient Truth”, a documentary produced by the multimillionaire Al Gore warned us about how catastrophic the man had made changes in the atmosphere. According to Al Gore we should examine ourselves by taking steps against industrial revolution which will lead us to a natural disaster. Moreover, for a virtuous person, examination and self-reflection is to gain knowledge, to seek for the common good, and especially to enrich the immoral soul. Furthermore, to live and to find a meaning of a worthy life, one cannot only do examination on his life, but he also has to examine others who are around him, especially in his society. For instance, according to Plato’s apology, Socrates went out in public places not only to ask, but also challenged other. What did he do that for? The answer is, when we asking other question, we can have the answer or opinions. The answers help us easy to...
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