Plato's Essay

Topics: Soul, Mind, Virtue Pages: 4 (1376 words) Published: December 10, 2010
In the diagram, Plato gives a discussion of what he thinks is justice and he talks about a Just person. This is a lecture where he compares these theories in political views and psychological views. He wrote a book in the republic where he talks about harmony by applying to a pure person who is justice and with logical reason. The ideas and arguments of Plato is on the social settings of an ideal republic. Since Socrates was his mentor, he uses his discussions to help support his discussion. The idea of the Republic is to draw an analogy between the operation of society as a whole and the life of any individual human being.  He draws this into three separate parts in which will be discussed in depth. Plato compares the physical body to the land, buildings, and other material resources of a city, Plato demonstrates that every human beings soul includes three parts. Plato said that one part of us thinks, another part of our soul does things, and another part of our soul desires things. He states that we cannot do all these with just one part of our soul, or as a whole soul. Plato discuss that the human soul is divided into three parts, reason, desire, and emotion.  The rational soul is the mind or intellect. It is the thinking portion within each of us, which figures out what is real and what is not. It judges what is true and what is false, and makes the rational decisions based on what will be better for itself and others. The appetitive soul or the emotional or desire is the portion of each of us that wants and feels many things. We have to resist many of out appetites in order to achieve at least some degree of self-control. This is where it really depends on a person’s ability to control our desires. Sometimes our desires can blind our rational part which makes us choose wrong decisions. Finally, the spirited soul is our will part. It is the portion that takes action. Its function is to carry out the reasons of the rational soul in real...
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