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Science 10
Examination Booklet 2011/12 Released Exam for T/S

Form A


Examination Instructions 1. On your Answer Sheet, fill in the bubble (Form A, B, C, D, E, F, G or H) that corresponds to the letter on this Examination Booklet. 2. Use a pencil to fill in bubbles when answering questions on your Answer Sheet. 3. When the examination begins, remove the data pages located in the centre of this booklet. 4. Read the Examination Rules on the back of this booklet.

Contents: 41 pages 80 selected-response questions

Examination: 2 hours Additional Time Permitted: 60 minutes © Province of British Columbia

Suggested Time: 120 minutes INSTRUCTIONS: For each question, select the best answer and record your choice on the Answer Sheet provided. Using a pencil, completely fill in the bubble that has the letter corresponding to your answer. You have Examination Booklet Form A. In the box above #1 on your Answer Sheet, fill in the bubble as follows. Exam Booklet Form/ A Cahier d’examen





For this section of the examination, refer to: • Names, Formulae and Charges of Some Polyatomic Ions on Data Page 5 • The Carbon Cycle on Data Page 8 • The Phosphorus Cycle on Data Page 9 • Biomes of the World on Data Page 10 • The Nitrogen Cycle on Data Page 11

Use the following diagram to answer question 1.

sun ‡ air ‡ water ‡ herbivores




1. Which of the following terms describes the sun, air and water in the diagram shown above? A. B. C. D. biotic factors trophic levels abiotic factors bioaccumulation

Science 10 – 2011/12 Released Form A

Page 1

2. Which of the following animals is an omnivore? A. B.



3. Which of the following terms is an abiotic factor that is a limited resource within deep water marine ecosystems? A. B. C. D. light prey food photosynthesis

Page 2

Science 10 – 2011/12 Released Form A

4. Detrivores are organisms that A. B. C. D. are parasites. photosynthesize. feed on producers. feed on plant and animal remains.

Use the following information to answer question 5.

In the relationship illustrated above, the birds are known for preying on parasites that feed on the hippopotamus. The hippopotamus allows the birds to safely hunt on its body and in its mouth. From the bird’s point of view, this relationship not only provides a ready source of food but also a safe place to eat considering that few predators would dare strike a bird in such close proximity to a hippopotamus. Adapted from an excerpt, “Examples of symbiosis in action,”

5. What relationship exists between the birds and the hippopotamus? A. B. C. D. predation mutualism parasitism commensalism

Science 10 – 2011/12 Released Form A

Page 3

Use the following food web to answer question 6.
cougar wolf hawk

6. What do the cougar, wolf and hawk all have in common with one another? A. B. C. D. They all hunt deer. They are all parasites. They are all predators. They have a mutualistic relationship.

Page 4

Science 10 – 2011/12 Released Form A

7. What process directly converts atmospheric nitrogen, N 2 , into a form that plants can use? A. B. C. D. denitrification sedimentation nitrogen fixation leeching and runoff

8. Which of the following events has the greatest difference between carbon released and carbon stored each year? A. B. C. D. growth and decay of plant life change in land use for agriculture gas exchange at the surface of the ocean circulation of intermediate and deep ocean water

9. Which of the following relationships is an example of oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange? A. B. C. D. Herbivores use carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Top predators use oxygen and produce carbon dioxide. Microbes and worms add oxygen to the atmosphere and remove carbon...
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