Plastic Packaging

Topics: Environment, Government, Economics Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: March 10, 2011
Try to imagine, if one day, you can no longer find any plastic packaging, what would your life be? Say, when you bought a chunk of fresh meat, normally placed in a polythene plate with a layer of food wrap, the plastic packaging of which disappeared now, what could you do to take it away hygienically? Or when you bought some toilet cleaners, how could you bring it home in order not to harm your hands without a plastic bottle provided?

Plastic packaging is everywhere that one can never avoid in our daily life. At the very beginning of human’s history, our ancestors had already known how to use bamboo leaves to wrap their food for later protection and storage, which became the earliest packaging in the world. In today’s society, packaging is even more important as it has much more purposes, such as product portability, labeling, aesthetic etc. (It is the technology used for enclosing, protecting products or for distribution, storage, sale and use)

Some people mentioned that plastic packaging has caused serious environmental impacts. That’s why you suggested that business that use plastic packaging should be charged a government levy to reduce the environmental problem. However, is this way effective enough?

Firstly, the effectiveness is doubtful. every day there is ___ tons of plastic packaging waste being disposed to the landfill sites. (however, of these ____tones of plastic waste, how many tons of plastic over-packaging waste is there?) In fact, part of the plastic packaging is necessary and essential. For example, some small plastic bags are used in packaging the syringe for medical purpose for the sake of sanitation and public health. The effect of reducing the use of them can be disastrous as people can no longer ensure they are free from viruses. .

Secondly, once the government charged a government levy on those businesses that use plastic packaging, the production costs of these businesses would certainly increase. In order to cover the cost and...
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