Plastic Bags - Good or Evil?

Topics: Environment, New Zealand, Pollution Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: October 20, 2012

You should be disgusted by your actions, by what you’re throwing, by what you’re using. Plastic bags are the reason why New Zealand will soon not be referred to as the clean, green and environmentally friendly country. Do you know how many plastic bags you consumed after 3 trips to the supermarket? I’ll tell you…On average you collect 60 bags. May I ask you, what are you going to do with all these bags? You’re probably thinking… I’m just using plastic bags what’s the big deal, what’s the problem. Today I’ll educate you on why not to use plastic bags, why marine life is in danger and what you can do to help the environment.

Firstly, what is the problem in using plastic bags?
Plastic bags are made from petroleum, which is a non-renewable resource. This makes every plastic bag you throw away, a WASTE. The plastic bags aren’t the only thing you’re wasting, you’re wasting the resources it is made from. Can’t plastic bags be burned down?

They can be burned down, emitting lots of toxic gases in the atmosphere leading to air pollution. Therefore burning plastic bags isn’t safe. Plastic bags are photodegradable. What is photodegradable?

When something is photodegrading it means it is being broken down into smaller pieces with the help of sunlight. This process can take 500 years for only 1 plastic bag to be broken down. Did you know New Zealanders use around three million plastic bags a day and this leads to 1 billion bags each year! Hence I strongly suggest plastic bags aren’t the most environmentally friendly way of carrying objects. In other words plastic bags should be banned in New Zealand.

Secondly, Marine life suffers because of what you do! You litter, waste and don’t take responsibility of your actions. When the process of photodegrading takes place the plastic is broken down. Subsequently the small pieces now pollute the soil, lakes and rivers. Marine life gets poisoned because they choke on the little bits of...
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