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Topics: Prison, Death Penalty, Crime Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: March 16, 2013
By: Wanda Merced

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When I came upon the topic of Capital Punishment in the Ethics course, I began researching and found the video above against it. Before doing so I once believed that criminals of horrific crimes should be punished by death. My opinion has changed because I now view capital punishment as neglecting peace in the world. It diminishes us as a society and we should look another alternative, life in jail for these criminals. I am now convinced that best way for us to maintain a peaceful world is not to be hypocritical in using capital punishment.

The death penalty is morally impermissible. I know that many believe that criminals responsible for horrific crimes should be punished in proportion to the crime. Criminals do deserve to be punished for such crimes and should face lifetime in jail rather than being killed by the justice system. We should have a consistent respect for life regardless of who it is or what they have done as mentioned in the lecture by Lawrence M. Hinman. All human life is sacred. We can't say it is wrong to kill and then punish by killing in return. If it is wrong to take a way an innocent life then life itself must always be respected by the justice system. Otherwise it is a hypocritical system.

Many may feel that life in jail isn't enough to punish a criminal who has committed a severe crime such as rape or murder. Regardless if criminals receive food, phone calls and television while in jail they are bound to a controlled setting where they can no longer harm society. They don't have the choice to go as they please and do not get to experience a good life in a prison cell. I can imagine that a person would go insane after spending so much of their life without much human interaction.

Others would also say that criminals take away others life so...
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