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Topics: Natural environment, Environment, Wildlife Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: April 24, 2014
Jose Gutierrez

Mrs. Thompson

Language Arts B2

15 April 2014


Have you ever wondered why lots of marine animals are dieing? “Thousands of marine animals are dieing because of confusing plastic bags with food”. (Environment CA). Plastic bags are also bad for the environment because they are not 100% decomposable. Distributors and investors say that the ban began because plastic bags where such a success. (Bag the Ban)

Plastic bags are killing mother earth. They are nothing but unusable toxic material. Thousand of bags are leaving the city and heading into oceans and killing thousands of marine wild life. Americans through away 123,000 tons of plastic bags but 8% of the those bags end up killing marine animals. Some marine animals die either of choking on the plastic bags or confusing them for food.

Plastic bags are also bad for the environment because the are made from oil . People believe that plastic bags are reusable when in reality they are a threat to our environment because they are made from oil , they are hard to brake down and it takes a long time and they can't be melted and reshaped, because its to hard to do. Some people believe that so they can get ride of them by burning them ,but it is worse than living them to decompose.

Some people believe that plastic bags are recyclable , when in reality they are not 100% decomposable. Plastic bags are harmful for the environment . For example “plastic bags are made up of oil, and they are everywhere”(malik). Plastic bags are everywhere, they are thrown into the streets and they go into drainage pipes which then end up into oceans (Malik).

The state's decision to implement a policy that bans plastic bags will have a positive impact. The ban is positive because it stops the deaths of marine wild life and it also helps by the environment by not having to make more things out of oil which are toxic when...

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