Plants and Society: The Botanical Connections to Our Lives

Pages: 2 (890 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Unit 1: Plants & Society; The Botanical Connections to Our Lives A. Summary paragraph of what I learned:
The first part of this reading was breaking down flowers which is consisting of four whorls; sepals, petals, stamens and one or more carpels. This reading discussed the difference between flowering plants and non-flowering plants. Algae and Fungi were in this chapter each stating their importance. Algae serves as the base of food chains. Fungi provides many beneficial items such as penicillin, edible mushrooms, and through the process of fermentation; beer, wine, cheese and leavened bread. The Scientific Method is a tool scientists use to study nature and develop an understanding of the natural world. The Scientific Method can be broken down into observations, hypothesis, hypothesis testing, and experiment. Lastly, fundamental properties of life were discussed 1) Growth and reproduction 2) Ability to respond 3) Ability to evolve and adapt 4) Metabolism 5) Organized structure 6) Organic composition B. The muddiest point for me to understand was the plant vocabulary; angiosperms, monocots, dicots. I had to reread the Flowering/Non-Flowering Plants sections over and over again to get a better grasp on the vocab and the differences between the two. C. The clearest point for me to understand is that plants are crucial to the existence of many organisms, including human beings. Chapter 11: Origins of Agriculture

A. Summary paragraph of what I learned:
Agriculture evolved independently in several areas of the world, most likely as a natural consequence of intensified foraging. Foraging societies are not alike in the type of food they eat. Early Foragers had both plants and animals in their diet. Archeological investigators found charred seeds and persevered fruits or other plant parts. Bones, teeth, feathers, fur, etc. indicated animals in their diet. Modern Foragers such as the !Kung San of the Kalahari Desert of southern Africa. Extensive studies revealed...
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