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938 Aurora Blvd. Cubao, Quezon City

(September 24, 2014)

Cafe Amadeo Development Cooperative
Tri-R Allied Industries, INC.

SUBMITTED TO: Mr. Ferrer, Laurente M.

SUBMITTED BY: Estrella, Raizza G. (FMA41FB2)
In September 24, 2014, Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) – Quezon City had a plant tour. It is one requirement in our course’s Production and Operation Management. Our two organizations that we went are in Cafe Amadeo Development Cooperative and in Tri-R Allied Industries, INC. Both of them are really exciting when we heard about those organizations that we will be going for. Our mission here is to get knowledge and to apply it for ourselves in our future work. It was very educational because we saw the processes of how they do the coffee and also the parts of the vehicle.

But before all, my classmates and I met within the school at 4:30am exactly because we do not want to make us left the bus so we go ahead for our assurance. The bus leave at school at exactly 7o’clock in the morning. After traveling of almost 3 hours, we finally arrived in Cavite at 10:30 in the morning. We started to discover, observe and learn in Café Amadeo Development Cooperative organization. Their exact place is at Barangay 6, Poblacion, Amadeo, Cavite. This is the logo and actual view of their business,

Café Amadeo has their general purpose, vision and mission. Here are they; GENERAL PURPOSE
To promote the cooperative as way of life by improving the social and economic well-being of the people. VISION
The country leading cooperative that produces and distributes quality coffee. MISSION
Produce and offer quality products and services through technologically advanced capabilities its members. Develop professional officers and management team encourge thrift and savings consciousness.

In their organization, you should be truly honest and loyal. They held that kind of value. Mrs. Agnes, the spokes man told us that Café Amadeo was started on June 28, 2002 with only 20 members. They have an investment of ₱137,500.00 when Café Amadeo started, but it is just bit of their money. The coffee millers and traders of Amadeo were taking the amount of coffee. Their coffee before were worth rage of ₱450.00 - ₱500.00 per cut. Per cut is about 1 kilo and it has coffee pod yet. The usual coffee before was too expensive but because the coffee was lack of supply, they washout the coffee. Most farmers before usually gets their livelihood in coffee, like Mrs. Agnes’ life. So they take another economical as farming pineapples and papayas because coffee was almost a year when you are harvest it. But the good news here is, the DTI, DOST, and Provincial Municipal helps their cooperative to promote their products. Their cooperative consists of Farmers, Traders, and Millers. All the members are encouraged to sell and to add capital. It has also set up five market outlets, three in Cavite, one in Parañaque City and lately in San Fernando, Pampanga. From now on, the cooperative is fast growing and keeping to its mission of continually supplying best grade coffee beans and ground coffee for the entire benefit of Amadeo Coffee farmers (4,560) in general and of its members in particular. They has a different kinds of coffee and this is the, Arabica Coffee, Liberica / Baracco Roasted Coffee, Robusta, and Excelsa. Mrs.Agnes told us that Arabica Coffee is commonly in Davao, Baguio and Benguet because it springing up in high and cold areas. Liberica/Baracco Roasted Coffee produces big beans, resistant to drought. The pulp is very thick and it takes 40 days to dry. Robusta is the number 1 soluble of coffee and most preferred by coffee growers. It dries in 15 days and since the pulp easily separates from the beans, it takes least effort to clean. Excelsa, which is secondly to Baracco. Excelsa is also resistant to drought and takes 25 days to dry. With...
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