Plant Propagation

Topics: Plant propagation, Grafting, Cutting Pages: 4 (1428 words) Published: January 28, 2007
When I was younger, I enjoyed working in the garden with my mother. Plants have been a part of my life since I was born. My mother has a huge garden, so I have spent many hours observing the way she plants and watching things grow. This interest and background has caused me to ask the question of how plants grow and how they are propagated. There are different ways in which plants can grow and be propagated but in this experiment, I will deal with how plants grow from cuttings and the hormones that are involved in doing so. After reading the background information, I have decided that plants grown from cuttings will grow into a mature, healthy plant faster and easier than any other method of propagation. Why propagate? Propagation is a good idea for many reasons. First, let us look at cost. Plants are becoming more and more expensive; therefore it is a good idea to raise your own plants whenever it is possible. It costs a lot of money to grow plants on a nursery, therefore if this task can be done at home, it will prove to be economical to the consumer. ¡§With a knowledge of propagation, it is quite possible to produce batches of young plants very cheaply"( Toogood 8). Most existing plants in the garden can be multiplied by taking cuttings. This proves to be a very economical method due to the fact that the cutting's catalysts are already existing. Home propagation really comes into its own when a good quantity of expensive plants is wanted. Propagation by means of cuttings is the quickest method and will end with the best and quickest results. The propagation from cuttings has advantages as well as disadvantages. "Propagation from cuttings is a vegetative method and therefore each plant produced is genetically identical to the parent plant." The disadvantages that occur are that cuttings should be made right after the material is collected and that not all species of plants can be made into cuttings. The vegetative propagation of plants is very important due...
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