Plant Layout

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What is a Plant Layout?
Definition of Plant Layout
Plant Layout is the physical arrangement of equipment and facilities within a Plant. The Plant Layout can be indicated on a floor plan showing the distances between different features of the plant. Optimizing the Layout of a Plant can improve productivity, safety and quality of Products. Uneccessary efforts of materials handling can be avoided when the Plant Layout is optimized. This is valid for: - Distances Material has to move

- Distances Equipment has to move
- Distances Operators have to move
- Types of Handling Euipment needed
- Energy required to move items agianst resistance (i.e. gravity)

Plant Layout


Introduction –

Plant layout is very essential and needs consideration and attention from the very beginning so as to avoid subsequent problems. Though one can think of several layouts but the best one is obviously the one, which is both very systematic and cheap. It is arrangement of machines, scientific use of work area, easy and convenient transport system, easy sorting out of materials and processing different parts. Since the area has already been selected and it is neither possible to neither change that nor expand that as per needs of the factory therefore layout is to be adjusted accordingly. Thus layout is disposition of various facilities and services of the plant within the specified area. It is arrangement of location of different machines and plants within the factory in such a way that there is minimum possible cost, the maximum output and the best quality product. In it all the requirements connected with production like the raw materials, machines, tools, fixtures etc. to be properly cared from the very beginning with the design of the factory. It is the agreement with the main focus that each operation is performed without the least inconvenience.


Plant layout is made with certain objectives in view. One objective is that the...
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