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Win customers by using retail display systems that are customer friendly: in other words, harness the powerful psychology of shopping. People love to shop. In fact, a great number of people consider shopping a relaxing leisure activity or even their hobby, with Business Network (BNET) stating that 39 percent people in the United States "love to shop." So, retailers in general have an eager audience that is ready and willing to buy its products – but, they also have significant competition and so they must woo and win the attention of their potential customers.
One key way to attract and keep the attention of shoppers is to create an environment that is conducive to shopping – and one key way to do that is to use compelling, interchangeable store fixtures and retail display systems to keep your store fresh, interesting and appealing.
Here are several more important tips:
1) You can't use yesterday's store fixtures to capture the attention of today's shoppers. An educational site in the United Kingdom – BizEd – published an article titled "The Psychology of Shopping." This article reported that retail giants of the 1970s relied heavily upon the philosophy of "pile it high, sell it cheap" and they found success with that philosophy. Since then, though, retailers are using increasingly sophisticated ways to capture the attention of shoppers – which means that you, as a retailer, also need to use contemporary strategies, which include attractive retail fixtures, to keep customers satisfied.
2) Choose retail displays and fixtures that are uniquely suited to your target market. Here's a great example of how not to structure your retail space. A blogger at a site for petite female shoppers was complaining that retailers – meaning those who cater to the petite – use retail displays that are not within comfortable reach of its customers. Now, does that make any sense? Of course not. Take a detailed look at your own store. In what ways are the store fixtures and retail

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