Planning a Party

Topics: Catering, Dishware, Valet parking Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: November 26, 2005
Paulo Chun
Mrs. Zeldin
AP English
22 November 2005
Planning a Party
Food, fun, friends, dancing, and a memorable night are all parts of an awesome party. Summer is coming up and I want to host the best summer party of them all. Essential needs of a good party are food, entertainment, comfort, and style. People must enjoy and remember this party for the rest of their lives. In order to prepare for this party, good planning and money are needed. I am a billionaire and money is not so much of my concern but planning all that is needed to make this party a success is the hard part of it all. First of all a location must be found. I must find a spacious site or club where I could fit about 400 people. With good space, people are able to move around better and have a more comfortable time for dining and dancing. A dance floor and a DJ platform is certainly needed and an important aspect of a good location is cleanness and parking. Cleanness in the bathrooms and in the environment adds to the comfort of the party and relaxation. Plus, Valet parking should be available for receiving the party guests who will not have to worry about parking. Second I must find a good catering service and send invitations to about 300people that I will invite. The caterer must be able to make good appetizers and about a choice of two main dishes. A sushi bar will be available for those who love the Japanese food, and steak will be one of the main dishes for those who like a good chunk of meat on their plate. The other choice of a main dish could be pasta or some type of cooked chicken dish. The hired waiters must work efficiently and give good service. A separate section in the party will be made for those who desire to dine. Therefore, despite being in the same space, the dance floor and dining section will be a bit separated. Entertainment has a huge role in a party. A good DJ must be hired who does not play songs repeatedly but has a mix of genres in his play list. Thus, guests...
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